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On this day in history ... 28 September 1945

On this day in history ... 28 September 1945

Issued: Tue, 13 Oct 2015 14:36:00 BST

70 years ago today the Queen, then HRH Princess Elizabeth, visited the present St Andrews Building Gym. The 19 year old princess was visiting Glasgow as part of her Royal engagements, and her itinerary for the week is documented in the Times (London), Tuesday 25th September 1945, page 4. 70 years ago the St Andrews Building, including the old red sandstone main building on Park Drive and the gym hall, was part of the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic science. This building was complete on Park Drive in 1915, and the college moved in 4 years later after a short stay by the Red Cross who used the building as Woodside Hospital during WWI. The queen’s visit is recorded in photographs from the Caledonian University’s archive collection, and these show the Princess Elizabeth and her group in locations that can currently be seen in the contemporary St Andrews Building. These include the main stage of the Gym Hall, and the ‘marble-like’ staircase from L2 outside the Gym Hall.

Queen's visit

Queen's visit‌‌

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