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Contact us

Contact us

Supporting the University

Please contact us if you have questions or if you require further information about making your gift, setting up or amending a direct debit and to discuss a targeted gift or endowment in a priority area.

Making a gift in your will?

To discuss making a gift in your will in confidence, please email barrie.bryson@glasgow.ac.uk

+44 (0) 0141 330 6886

Key Contacts

Key Contacts

DAO Executive Team

Fran Shepherd - Director of Development & Alumni

Fran leads the strategic direction of the Development & Alumni Office. Broadly, this combines the Office's twin objectives of fund-raising from the external environment and continuing to develop a programme to promote good relations with the University's alumni. Fran previoulsy held the post of Vice President International for the Development & Alumni Office having joined teh University in 2013.

✉: Frances.Shepherd@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #8305

Amanda McKeown - Deputy Director, Head of Campaign Strategy and Planning

Amanda joined the Development & Alumni Office in 1999 and was appointed Deputy Director in 2003. After leading the Development team for 12 years, in 2016 she took on the role of Head of Campaign, Strategy and Planning.  She leads the Data, Research, Resource and Support, Campaign and Marcomms Teams; supports the Director on a range of initiatives, and works across the office to support our fundraising and alumni engagement activities to help lead our campaigns to success.

✉: Amanda.McKeown@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #3188

Amber Higgins – Head of Alumni Engagement (Maternity Cover)

Amber is responsible for the University's global network of graduates. In this role she manages the alumni relations function of the office, including alumni services, alumni fundraising and events.

✉: Amber.Higgins@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #2668

Fran Shepherd -  Vice President for International Development

Despite her new role as Director of Development & Alumni, Fran will continue to fulfil the requirements of this post in the interim by setting our international fundraising strategy and leading activity in this area from a home base in Glasgow. Fran travels frequently to priority international markets to develop major gift opportunities, build a gift pipeline and encourage alumni to become more involved in the University and its work.. She travels frequently to priority international markets to develop major gift opportunities, build a gift pipeline and encourage alumni to become more involved in the University and its work.

✉: Frances.Shepherd@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #8305

Felicity Osmond - Head of UK Development

Felicity joined the team in 2016. She leads on the UK major gift strategy and its implementation as a key part of the University's £110 million campaign target. The UK Development team's remit is to steward the many generous individual, trust and corporate supporters of the University's work, and to achieve significantly higher levels of income generation year on year.

✉: felicity.osmond@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7073

Alumni Engagement Team - led by Emily Howie

Alumni Team

Nicola Smock – Alumni Manager

Nicola is responsible for the University's global network of graduates. In this role she manages the alumni relations function of the office, including alumni services and alumni events. Nicola is also the Clerk to the General Council and the General Council Business Committee.

✉: Nicola.Smock@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #4569 (DAO) or #4976 (Senate)

Michaella Mitchell – Regular Giving Manager

Michaella is responsible for the strategic growth and development of the annual giving programme, through the planning and managing of a year-round programme of fundraising campaigns. Michaella also works closely with other DAO members to develop a regular programme of alumni engagement through communications and events. She is also responsible for the Chancellor's Fund.

✉: Michaella.Mitchell@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #8501

Rosie Simm - Alumni Officer

Rosie works across both the alumni engagement programme and our regular giving initiatives. Rosie supports our alumni volunteers to expand our growing network of global Alumni Associations. She works with alumni groups to deliver our reunions and reunion giving programme and supports the Regular Giving Manager in the delivery of our alumni telephone campaigns.

✉: Rosemary.Simm@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #3631

Dan Traynor - Alumni Engagement Intern

Dan reports to the Regular Giving Manager and assists the Alumni Team in connecting with our global network of graduates. In his role, he supports the Regular Giving Team in the processing and preparation of our bi-annual telephone campaigns, organising reunions and performing a general administraive function for the Alumni Team.

✉: Dan.Traynor@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7146


ASBS Alumni Team

Xiang Li –Alumni Manager (ASBS)

Xiang leads the Business School Alumni Team and is responsible for driving the strategic development of alumni relations for the Adam Smith Business School. She works closely with colleagues from External Relations, Careers Service and ASBS to ensure the teams synergize efforts and develop a long-term mutual beneficial relationship with our alumni across the world. She is the first point of contact for alumni in the Greater China region.

✉: Xiang.Li@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #6312

Matt Inglesant – International Alumni Officer (ASBS)

Matt focuses on developing international alumni relations for the School. He leads alumni associations overseas (except the Greater China region) and works with External Relations to support their recruitment and pre-departure events in country. Matt leads various student-alumni engagement events. He is the first point of contact for alumni outside UK and Great China.

✉: Matthew.Inglesant@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #3631

Katie Forsyth – Alumni Officer (ASBS)

Katie focuses on developing alumni relations in the UK. She works closely with the ASBS associated student clubs/societies and leads various student-alumni engagement events, i.e. A Cup of Coffee with... She supports alumni reunions and is the first point of contact for alumni in the UK.

✉: Katie.Forsyth@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #2808


Alumni Volunteer Team

Sarah Armour - Alumni Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah is responsible for driving forward the University’s Alumni Volunteer programme.  She reports to Linda Murdoch in the Careers Service but is based in our Office and works closely with the Alumni Team. 

✉: Sarah.Armour@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #8574

Kezia Falconer – Digital Engagement Officer

Kezia joined the office in September 2016 and is responsible for helping to secure the engagement of a range of stakeholders to volunteering activities through digital communications, web based networking platforms and effective data management. 

✉: Kezia.Falconer@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #3210


Events Team

Amy-Beth –Events Manager

Amy-Beth joined the team in August 2016 and is responsible for the planning, organisation and management of events both in the UK and overseas. Amy-Beth is also responsible for management of the event team.

✉: Amy-Beth.Jordan@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #5281

Siobhan McDade - Principal's Lodging Manager

Siobhan works one day per week (Wednesday) in the events team and managed mainly events that have a role within the Principal’s Lodging such as lodging dinners etc.

✉: Siobhan.McDade@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #4391

Jennifer Young - Events Co-ordinator

Jennifer Young joined the team in July 2015 and is responsible for the planning, organisation and management of events both in the UK and overseas.

✉: Jennifer.Young@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7132

Robert Davies - Events Assistant

Robert is responsible for the administrative management of events (such as financial processing, venue liaison, guest care) and assisting the event manager and Event Coordinator in managements of the events in the UK and overseas.

✉: Robert.Davies.2@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7566

Danielle McLaughlin - Events Assistant

Danielle is responsible for the administrative management of events (such as financial processing, venue liaison, guest care) and assisting the event manager and Event Coordinator in managements of the events in the UK and overseas.

✉: Danielle.Mclaughlin@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #3593

Campaign, Strategy & Planning - led by Amanda McKeown

Campaign Manager

Clare Kidd

Clare joined the Development & Alumni Office in 2008 as Events Manager before moving into the fundraising team as College Development Manager in 2015.  In her current role as Campaign Manager, she works with the Deputy Director and Executive Team to develop, coordinate, implement and monitor activities across the office required to support the delivery of the £110M fundraising campaign.

✉: Clare.Kidd@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #4978


Marketing Team

Michelle Crane - University Marketing Manager

Michelle joined the University in 2014 and and is a member of the External Relations marketing communications team, where she manages the University’s brand framework. She is responsible for the planning and co-ordination of University marketing campaigns and activities, as well as supporting the fundraising marketing campaign. Michelle manages the DAO Marketing Team working with colleagues across DAO to enhance audience marketing and communications materials ensuring that strategic and operational objectives are met.

✉: Michelle.Crane@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #3135

Gemma Gillespie - Marketing Communications Officer

Gemma joined the Development & Alumni Office in December 2015 and mirrors the role of University Marketing Manager, supporting DAO as well as the Marketing Recruitment & International Office. She supports all colleges, schools and services across the University to implement marketing strategies and communicate the University's brand and key messages.  As well as supporting the fundraising campaign marketing strategy in DAO, Gemma supports colleagues across the office in enhancing their marketing and communications activities.

✉: Gemma.Gillespie@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7211

Kevin Gilmartin - Digital Communications Officer

Kevin joined the Development & Alumni Office as their Digital Communications Officer in October 2014. His work encompasses the full spectrum of digital media, from supporting email communications and creating PDFs, to filming, image editing and creating content for the DAO social media channels, which he also manages.

✉: Kevin.Gilmartin@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #5086


Database Team

James Coleman - Database Manager

James is responsible for ensuring the alumni and donor database supports and informs the strategic objectives of the Development and Alumni Office as well as the day-to-day running of our alumni engagement and fundraising functions. Working with colleagues across the office, James develops new information management procedures and strategy and is currently working on developing the office’s data insight capabilities.

✉: James.Coleman@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #8575

Kevin Beck - Database Officer

Kevin works closely with James in ensuring the database is fit for purpose, mainly managing the addition of new data to the database – including our bi-annual graduations – as well as segmentation for our regular giving activity. Kevin is training coordinator for the office and also has principal responsibility for supporting the use of Raiser's Edge across other University Services. He is Project Manager for the migration of our database to the cloud, as well as the implementation of the next generation software, RE:NXT.

✉: Kevin.Beck@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #3693

Andrew Baxter – Database Assistant

Andrew is responsible for the day-to-day upkeep of biographical and contact information for our alumni as well as being the first port of call when staff have database support questions. He works with the Database Assistant on ensuring the accurate and timely handling of address and name changes, notifications of death and GUWorld sign-ups, as well as following up on returned mail. Andrew also manages the content of our Online Benefactor Wall.

✉: Andrew.Baxter@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7191

Elaine Pickering – Database Assistant 

Elaine is principally responsible for day-to-day updates on the databases, processing address and name changes, and other contact and biographical updates.

✉: Elaine.Pickering@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7172


Research Team

Morna Black - Research Manager

Morna has worked in development research since 1999, on projects ranging from the University of Glasgow’s 550th Anniversary, medical school building capital campaign, the university’s field station redevelopment to the recently opened Wolfson Wohl Translational Research Centre. In particular, she has special research responsibility for medical projects, scholarships, alumni, major gift prospects and campaign development, as well as, prospect research strategy for the rest of the Development & Alumni Office's portfolio of projects. In addition, she provides assistance to the Database Manager on Raiser's Edge Issues.

✉: Morna.Black@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #6376

Val Hamilton - Research Assistant

Val supports Morna Black in carrying out research on potential funding sources for the Development & Alumni Office's portfolio of projects. In particular, she provides research support for the Vet School Campaign and focusses on more in-depth prospect research initiatives. Val works remotely from her home and travels to Glasgow once a month to attend meetings.

✉: Val.Hamilton@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: -

Emily Gibson - Prospect Research Assistant

Emily joined the team in December 2015. Her work focusses on a wide range of prospect research tasks: sourcing, rating and researching prospects, writing biographical and other briefings and well as dealing with a plethora of ad hoc research queries.

✉: Emily.Gibson@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7157


Finance & Administration Team

Ann Logan - Resource & Support Manager

Ann joined the Development & Alumni Office in 2000.  Specific areas of responsibility include administration management, financial management and budget planning.  Ann leads on  departmental preparations and contributions for compliance including internal audit, external audit of University of Glasgow Trust annual accounts and third party audit and statutory returns e.g. HMRC and OSCR, provision of financial management information, analysis, developing and implementing financial and administrative systems and processes to facilitate financial reporting and forecasting including analysis of funds raised.

✉: Ann.Logan@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #2848

Patricia Wood - Senior Finance Assistant

Pat joined the office in September 2011.  Pat is responsible for ensuring that donation income is accurately recorded on the database in accordance with departmental service standards, disbursement of funds from the Trust to the University, reconciliation and processing of gifts from American Alumni of Glasgow University (AAGU).    Pat provides support to colleagues across the office on gift related enquiries, sets up new campaigns, funds and appeals and leads on ensuring that fundraising media e.g. donation forms, gift acknowledgements comply with statutory requirements/legislation.   Pat is currently leading on updating departmental financial procedures and is the departmental fire officer.

✉: Patricia.Wood@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #3290

Kevin Kinninmonth – Finance Assistant

Kevin joined the office in 2015 and has responsibility for analysis and reconciliation of banking to database, ensuring all philanthropic and commercial income has been accurately input to Raiser’s Edge in accordance with departmental service standards, departmental processing procedures. ensuring compliance with legislation, finance policy and procedures and ensuring an appropriate audit trail is in place.

✉: Kevin.Kininmonth@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #5122

Hazel Quinn - Personal Assistant

Hazel joined the University in 2013 and is PA to the Chancellor, Professor Sir Kenneth Calman, and to the Director of Development, Cathy Bell.  Hazel has a wide remit that includes her role supporting the Chancellor and Director of Development and is administrator for the University of Glasgow Trust.  In addition Hazel is responsible for key areas of office administration and co-ordination.

✉: Hazel.Quinn@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #8427

Maria Gaellman - Departmental Secretary

Maria is responsible for front line customer support for visitors and telephone enquiries to the department.  In this role Maria provides administrative support including reception services and a wide range of support services. 

✉: Maria.Gaellman@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #4951

International Team - led by Fran Shepherd

Ms Jessica Constable - International Development Officer

Jessica is responsible for major and mid level donor relationships, traveling to priority international destinations to engage alumni and other potential donors and ask them for support. She also oversees the international telephone and direct mail solicitation and ensures they link to mid and major gift programmes.

✉: Emma.Sloan@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #2810

Mrs Caroline Gould - International Development Coordinator

Caroline works primarily on international alumni engagement and building the international donor base. She helps to deliver the international mail and digital appeals and supports international telephone appeals. Caroline is also contributing to the development of our international alumni programmes by delivering alumni engagement programmes. She helps to devise our communications and materials for international alumni.

✉: Caroline.Gould@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7071

Ms Isabel McNeil-Watson- International Development Assistant

Isabel is the administrator for the International Development team. As purchasing officer for the team, she sources international travel and also manages the team’s itineraries, securing meetings with potential donors and planning travel between appointments and destinations.  As part of her role, she also ensures international gifts and donor relationships are accurately recorded and tracked on the database alongside supporting the team with any other administrative duties.

✉: Isabel.Mcneil-Watson@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #2312

UK Development Team - led by Felicity Osmond

Kirsty Craig - Development Manager, Colleges

Kirsty manages the team who raise funds in support of  the University's 4 colleges, including  gifts and bequests from alumni and friends of the University and also donations from trusts and foundations and corporate supporters. Kirsty is also a member of the Campaign fundraising team.

✉: Kirsty.Craig@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #2503

Catherine McGrory - Development Officer – Cancer

Catherine’s role is to work with the Institute of Cancer Sciences to develop and support fundraising activity for cancer sciences projects including the Beatson Pebble Appeal and the Paul O’Gorman Leukaemia Research Centre.

✉: Catherine.Mcgrory@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #8007

Sarah Hunter - Development Officer, School of Veterinary Medicine

Sarah has responsibility for managing the donations to the Vet Fund and works with the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences in allocating these funds to the priority projects. Sarah, along with the MVLS Development Coordinator, is the first point of contact for all veterinary alumni including assisting with the Annual Veterinary Reunion weekend.

✉: Sarah.Hunter@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7145

Laura Morton - Development Officer, MVLS 

Laura has responsibility for managing the donations to the Medical Fund and works with the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences in allocating these funds to the priority projects. Laura, along with the MVLS Development Coordinators, is the first point of contact for all medical and dentistry reunions, assisting the reunion organisers with all aspects of planning their event. 

✉: Laura.Morton@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #3878

Steven Rice – Trust and Foundations  Development Officer

Steven applies for major gifts from a variety of funding sources, primarily charitable trusts, foundations, lottery and statutory bodies, for University priorities and specific research projects.  He is the main point of contact for all enquiries and submissions regarding Trusts and Foundations. 

✉: Steven.Rice@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7085

Josie Walbaum - Development Officer – Scholarships/Medical

Josie oversees our scholarships fundraising programmes and works closely with donors who wish to support Glasgow students in this way. Josie's role largely focuses on mid-major level gifts but she also supports colleagues in the delivery of regular giving programmes and medical campaigns.

✉: Josie.Walbaum@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7209

Susanne Hill - Stewardship Co-ordinator

Susanne devises and coordinates events, works with volunteer fundraisers and develops donor relationships in support of the University's priority campaigns.

✉: Susanne.Hill@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7235 (shared with Lisa Torrance)

Hilda de Groot - Development Assistant Community

Hilda is part of the fundraising team and works closely with our individual fundraising donors, schools, staff and students to optimise returns on medical fundraising activities.  She co-ordinates fundraising events, school activtities, cafe mornings, pub quizzes and sporting events. She also supports administration of the Campaign.

✉: Hilda.DeGroot@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7143

Julia Sagias - Corporate Development Officer

Julia joined the Development and Alumni team in February 2017 and shapes the corporate aspect of the University's £110 million campaign target, engages key businesses to help support the campus development project and develops corporate partnerships and ongoing corporate giving schemes.

✉: Julia.Sagias@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #4585

Lisa Torrance - Donor Relations Officer

Lisa is charged with engaging with major donors and prospective donors to the University.

✉: Lisa.Torrance@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7235

Emma Sloan - Development Officer, College of Arts, Social Science, Hunterian (maternity cover)

Emma acts as liaison between alumni and members of the College of Arts, College of Social Sciences and the Hunterian. She is responsible for increasing alumni support and engagement across these Colleges and for raising funds in the form of major gifts for the Campus Development campaign.

✉: Emma.Sloan@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7148

Richard McConnell - Development Officer (College – Science and Engineering, MVLS)

Richard acts as liaison between alumni and members of the College of Science & Engineering and the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences. He is responsible for increasing alumni support and engagement across these Colleges and for raising funds in the form of major gifts for the Campus Development campaign.

✉: Richard.Mcconnell@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #4302

Kate Richardson –  Donor Relations Manager (maternity cover)

Kate leads our Donor Relations team and is charged with engaging major support for the Glasgow World Changing Campaign. As part of this she works with major donors, corporate funders and Trusts and Foundations.

✉: Kate.Richardson@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #2724

Mrs Barrie Bryson - Development Officer – Legacies

Barrie is part of the Donor Relations team and co-ordinates the University's bequest programme - managing enquiries about making a gift in a Will and the administration of all legacy gifts received by the University.

✉: Barrie.Bryson@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #6886

Ms Aleks Sobieraj – Donor Relations Coordinator

Aleks provides assistance to the Donor Relations Team and is responsible for coordination, operation and administrative support in the delivery of major gifts and bequests fundraising.

✉: Aleksandra.Sobieraj@glasgow.ac.uk
☎: Ext. #7141

Sarah Langton- Scholarships Assistant (maternity cover)

Sarah provides administrative support and assistance to the Scholarships Development Officer. 

✉: sarah.langton@glasgow.ac.uk

☎: Ext. #5917