We share our knowledge, technologies and expertise with companies around the world. Our innovative people are boosting economies and changing lives.

illustration of an electrical circuit board

We help companies by preparing our students to become their leaders of tomorrow. We help businesses shape their future by providing the intelligence they need to capitalise on opportunities and address challenges. By making our new technologies accessible on the marketplace, and through a partnership approach, we help entrepreneurial ideas to flourish and succeed.

Recent successes in securing large-scale collaborations with industry partners include the £29m Quantum Technology Hub, £11m Urban Big Data Centre, £55m James Watt NanoFabrication Centre, £16m Imaging Centre of Excellence and £20m Stratified Medicine SCOTLAND Innovation Centre.

One of our spin-out companies, Gold Standard Simulations (GSS), brings 20 years of our research on semiconductor transistors and circuits to the marketplace. The semiconductor industry is currently under pressure to reduce time and costs when producing the integral microchips inside every computerised device. GSS’s innovative tools help the industry predict how performance will be affected in future generations of miniature transistors. And it’s this breakthrough which led to the spin-out being bought by one of the world’s largest software companies, California-based Synopsys Inc.

Our research partnerships are also bridging the gap between industry and academic knowledge.

In the pharmaceutical industry, we are exchanging knowledge with the global company AstraZeneca to improve the development of medicines. Through the GLAZgo Discovery Centre, we are combining our understanding of disease pathology with AstraZeneca’s drug discovery and development expertise to create more targeted medicines for patients. 

The Scottish heather honey industry is now rivalling manuka honey thanks to our research that discovered its beneficial properties. Working with a small eco-innovation business on this research has not only helped to boost the Scottish economy but also biodiversity through repopulation of bees to make more of the honey. 

Our culture of innovation and entrepreneurship encourages ventures and partnerships to move ahead and change the world.