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Orientation & Welcome

Orientation & Welcome

The International Student Support team are here to ensure you settle in to University life as quickly and as smoothly as possible.


Register for January Orientation 2018 here .

International Orientation Programmes

International Orientation Programmes take place every January and September.

  • The next International Student Orientation programme will take place on 4 and 5 January 2018.
  • ‌The programme is open to all new undergraduate and postgraduate students from outside the UK who have been accepted to University of Glasgow from January 2018.
  • See our International January Orientation Programme 2018.

 January Orientation Programme Picture 2018


Welcome Programme

The Welcome Programme takes place every January and September.

Next programme

  • The next Welcome Programme will take place from 3-5 January 2018.
  • The aim of the programme is to assist new international students during the arrival period.
  • A Welcome Desk offering assistance with your orientation and welcome-related questions will be available on level 1 of the Fraser Building from 3-5 September 2018.


Registration & Guidance Notes

Guidance notes about registration

  • Changes to your pre-booked Orientation events

After you have made your online registration for an event, you can change the event as long as places are still available. For example, if you want to change the Walking Tour that you have already booked, go back into your reservation and select the new Walking Tour. This will automatically delete your previous walking tour. You can also change your other pre-booked events, including your Free Airport Bus reservation. By changing one event will not change the other pre-booked events.

It is important that you do not delete the other pre-booked events that you still want to participate in when making a change to your reservation.

  • Free Airport Bus (September only)

Our Free Bus at the airport is for our newly arrived international students in September, but if you have family and friends who have travelled with you, please check with our Welcome Team when you arrive and they will let you know if they can accommodate you on our bus.  If we cannot take your family and friends on our bus, the Welcome Team will direct you to the taxi rank or public services buses.

*The free airport bus service is only available for the September Orientation and Welcome.  If you are arrivng for Orientation in January, you can find information on travelling from the airport to your accommodation (or to the University) on page 5 of the International Student Handbook.


If you have any problems with your registration, please contact internationalstudentsupport@glasgow.ac.uk

We look forward to meeting you in Glasgow.

Orientation at other times of the year

If you are unable to join us at the International Student Orientation programme, you can still meet us throughout the year to discuss any queries.

You can do this by booking a one-to-one appointment via MyGlasgow.