My degree: What's next?

My degree: What's next?

Student in a meeting with a Careers AdviserThere are many different options available after graduating and the majority of graduate jobs in the UK are open to people studying any subject.

Having so many different options can make starting to plan a challenge so to get a better understanding of the options open to you.

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You can get more information about what graduates from your course have done, the types of jobs they went into, and how many went into further study.

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University of Glasgow graduate destinations

Students in a meeting with Careers AdvisersThe University of Glasgow, along with other UK Higher Education Institutions, conducts the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey (DLHE). The Careers Services uses the DLHE to advise current students and academics about the opportunities available for both employment and training.

This data is collected only 6 months after graduation, a period often marked by change and uncertainty. Thus, the results should be used as a snapshot of what is actually a moving picture.

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