iOS11 and University email for students

14:56 20/09/2017
Due to reports online that the native Mail app ( on iPhone or iPad may not be able to send or reply from Office 365 mailboxes after a device is upgraded to iOS 11.IT Services recommends not upgrading to iOS 11 at this time if you want to use the native mail app with Office 365 (student email). Microsoft also have a workaround. See the full Microsoft support article for further details.

COMPLETE: University web site switching to https

Updated 10:03
The University web site has been switched over to https succesfully.
Thie switch-over is required to help us meet data protection legislation, to offer a more secure site to ensure that visitors have confidence in our service, and to protect and improve search engine rankings.
Should you have any questions please contact the Helpdesk.

Email Security advice

The Internet is awash with bogus emails containing viruses, malicious code or attempts to 'phish' your details by requesting you to 'revalidate' your account and appearing to come from the University, Student Loans Company, businesses, banks, and other carriers, friends,colleagues and other staff and students in the University etc.
Please treat ALL unsolicited email with suspicion, regardless of whether or not the sender appears to be an organisation or person that you think that you can trust.

The University will NEVER ask you for your details via e-mail.

If you are in any doubt about whether opening something is safe, contact the IT Helpdesk.