Researcher development

Researcher development

Being an excellent researcher is about more than just your subject knowledge. During your PhD, you will be expected to get involved in activities and training that help you to develop a range of skills. Each Graduate School has its own programme of training for researchers, which aims to cover the four key areas of Vitae's researcher development framework

  • Knowledge and Intellectual Activities
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Research Governance and Organisation
  • Engagement, influence and impact

Research Students

Visit your Graduate School webpages (information for current students) to find out about the courses that are available.  In some cases, these will be specific to your disicpilne.  In others, they will be organised by a central service in the University, such as the PG Research Office or the Careers Service, giving you a chance to meet researchers from other parts of the university.  Further information on courses organised by the PG research office can be found here. 

We recognise that PG researchers bring diverse knowledge and experience.  To encourage you to think broadly about your professional and personal development and ensure you find training suited to your own needs, your Graduate School will provide you with a researcher training log, based on the four areas of the researcher development framework.  You should discuss your training needs (and how these fit with your career aspirations) with your supervisor as part of annual progress review.

Research Staff

As a member of research staff, you might consider using the RDF as a way of systematically reviewing your skills and experience, then identifying areas you would like to develop over the coming year.  To help you with this, we’ve listed resources, training courses and funding linked to each of the four key areas.

Our courses aim to help you develop skills and knowledge for both your current role and your future career, whether your plan to continue in academia or move into another sector.  We often invite PhD alumni to come back and talk about how they are using the skills from their PhD in their current roles.  You can see films from their talks here. 

We encourage researchers to gain practical experience through placements and internships. and to take the lead in designing their own training.  We offer funding to support researcher-led projects through the New Initiatives fund.