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English for Academic Study

English for Academic Study

The English for Academic Study (EAS) Unit supports students and staff whose first language is not English. We offer...

  • Pre-sessional courses for students who want to study at the University of Glasgow (and elsewhere)
  • In-sessional classes and other support for current students
  • Teacher Development and Training courses from introductory to masters level and beyond
  • Other courses and consultancies by special arrangement in academic, business and general English

In addition,

  • we support University departments by providing advice on English language tests and levels, and through support for staff and students

Current Students: Moodle Courses

Current Students: Moodle Courses

Information and activities for your English courses can be found on the University's web-based e-learning system Moodle.

Log-in to Moodle 2 or enrol on courses using the links below:


  1. You will normally need to be a registered University of Glasgow student to access these Moodle courses. You log-in to Moodle using your normal Glasgow University IT username (your GUID) and password.
  2. For most University degree courses, you will be automatically enrolled on the relevant Moodle course. Once you log-in to Moodle 2, you will see these courses listed.
  3. For courses which do not automatically enrol, you need to click on the course link opposite, log-in to Moodle 2, and input an 'enrolment key' (a first-time-only password): you will be given this as part of your course induction. Next time you log-in to Moodle, you will see these courses as normal.
  4. For general questions about Moodle, try the IT Services Helpdesk.

 Moodle- Login to Moodle2