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Studying at Glasgow

For all enquiries regarding applications and admissions and please contact:

For other enquiries around studying at Glasgow, please email:

Scotland: scot-undergraduate-enquiries@glasgow.ac.uk
Rest of UK: ruk-undergraduate-enquiries@glasgow.ac.uk
EU: eu-undergraduate-enquiries@glasgow.ac.uk
General enquiries: Student.Recruitment@glasgow.ac.uk

Request a prospectus

To request a prospectus, and for details of our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, please see:

Ask a Student

To ask a current student a question, please see:

International students

We have a diverse University community with students and staff from over 120 different countrues. Find out more at:

Mature students

UCAS provides useful tailored information about university study:

The Centre for Open Studies runs a range of day time and evening part-time courses including Access to university programmes:


The University is committed to providing an excellent educational experience for our students and high quality services to all other service users of the University. See:

Comments about our website

Comments or enquiries about our website should be directed to webteam@gla.ac.uk.


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